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How we got here is a study in perseverance...  I started my Whiskey journey in 1981

I spent 10 years learning the craft of all grain whiskey making... in around 1993 I established the Modern Distiller Forum and started teaching others how to make  single malt whiskeys, without compromise, at home... my You Tube channel was Doctor Distilling... I did marketing work for many spirit brands including Wilson's Whiskey (Dunedin), Signature Whiskey (India),Jim Beam (U.S.) Smirnoff (U.S.)....

In 2004 we started to build the distillery in Kentucky.... Ours is a true family grain to glass craft distillery.

New Project (24).png
New Project (36).png

It all started with one whiskey some 41 years ago ... the classic "Old Reliable"... we still make this gem to this day. So much of what I now describe as the New England Highland style rests on the foundation that is the "Old Reliable"....

Essentially Old Reliable is a classic triple distilled Irish style "Comfort" whiskey, easy drinking with a classic Irish caramel finish

Jared Joslin (1970)-art-scale-6_00x-gigapixel.png

a simple whiskey, un adorned and yet so satisfying... it really is an enigma, and Dobson's best selling Whiskey.

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